Ned is a Solutions Engineer at Hortonworks which is the leading contributor to and provider of Apache™ Hadoop® for the enterprise, and our mission is to establish Hadoop as the foundational technology of the modern enterprise data architecture.

Before Horotonworks, Ned worked for multiple vendors and integrator like EMCNetAppNTT ICT  and IFS.

Started his career as an Oracle DBA and JAVA (J2SE) developer in 2002, moved to Unix Systems and storage implementation and lead in 2006 then moved to technical system engineering/Architecture and Design in 2008.

Major interest in Hadoop, Big Data,Analytics , Trying to make a difference in the technology by pushing to the new 3rd platform, moving to software defined everything, open doors for Big Data with customers and solve complicated problems.

Loves new challenges, learning new products, loves to scuba dive and camping 🙂

Ned Holds a B. S. in Computer information Systems from the University of Jordan and working on his Master degree in Predictive Analytics.

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One thought on “About

  1. John Knight

    Hi Ned, how are you? I hope you are well.

    RE: Scala/Java, Spark/Hadoop for DW Machine Learning and Big Data purposes in Melbourne

    I’ve invited you on LinkedIn and I thought I’d reach out to let you know about new permanent positions in Melbourne that I am looking to fulfill from time to time in my capacity as an independent Tech Agent.

    If you are interested, let’s have a chat (contact details below).

    I’m hiring right now and would be most thankful if you could hook me up with someone else who might be interested or could potentially lead me to another contact in this space! As I go down the chain, hopefully then someone will put their hand up! This is usually my most effective way of finding people at the “thinking stage” of moving on. I seldom deal with online jobseekers per se!

    With thanks and regards, John

    John Knight, Company Director & Tech Agent
    Tequity, Atlantis Tower
    Suite 3201/288 Spencer St
    Melbourne, VIC 3000

    T +61 3 9670 9056
    M +61 402 234 813

    Add me here http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/JKtequity



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